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Advertising is a very important part of marketing, every business needs to effectively target the correct audience and many additional factors need to be considered so everything can be adapted and optimized. It's not always easy for companies to find the right advertising strategy. The paths that Fotodesign can take with you are very different and there are a lot of details that need to be considered. Fotodesign ensures the delivering of advertisements in a targeted manner. We are a full service Agency and that's why we can offer and implement a huge portfolio. Our services range from creation of printed materials such as flyers, brochures, advertising posters and letterheads to the implementation of websites, signage, letterings and photo shoots or special promotions such as face and bodypainting.  
Our field of activity
Our specialty
We are specialized not to be specialized. What does a specialized agency give you bey- ond already known insights and solutions? Even though we have expertise in focus design we have good reasons not to be specialized. Except for our communication. We offer creative solutions and are prepared to go to uncon-ventional ways. Of course, always keeping in mind your company's philosophy and your target audience. We are always thinking outside the box to develop innovative marketing strategies. Only then comes the conceptual design and design development. And all at a very fair price
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Your benefit
With us, you can concentrate on your business as an entrepreneur and leave the advertising to us, who have learned this craft from the ground up. You can rely on our professional work and can be sure that in the future your advertising will be targeted and effective.
We are members of Gewerbeverein Illingen e.V. im Bund der Selbständigen e.V.
Timo Hertfelder Chef Executive Officer Design, Fotoshooting
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